1 Year B-day Timeline cont’d – August 2012 (via kickstarter)

Hey you, the gorgeous awesome one,

I like to call you gorgeous and awesome because whether you know me personally or have found my project through other venues, your support of humane fashion and of my dream is evidence that there is an incredible amount of gorgeous awesomeness going on within and without you. Thank you so much for sharing it with me and Krže Studio.

Continuing the 1 year birthday timeline with what went down in August.

August 2012 – I take an 8 hour bus ride (don’t recommend it) from Florence, Italy to Slovenia, my ancestral homeland on my dad’s side, for the first time. I go to the town of Kržeti, where my family is from, see the old house where my great grandfather was born, and learn how to properly pronounce my last name, Krže (I was sort of close before!) I visit shoe factories in Slovenia to discover the possibilities of working together on making vegan shoes because I think it would be cool to make shoes in my fatherland and support their economy. Ultimately I decide to stick with Italian production for a variety of reasons. Slovenia’s shoe factories make most of the first shoe prototypes in Slovenia and then do the actual production of the shoes in outside factories in countries like Serbia and elsewhere, where they can manufacture at very low cost and still label the shoes “made in Europe.” This method of production does not coincide with my standards for quality and I also fear there will be huge issues in being able to maintain high quality control if I can not personally visit and work in the factories myself. I also visit an extraordinary young shoemaker, Mihoya, who makes all of his own amazing designs in his small shop in Slovenia. It would rad to do a project with him in the future, and I decide to stick with the Italian factories I met with in July because they can handle a larger production. Other reasons to stick with Italy include my mediocre Italian language skills being eons ahead of my non-existent Slovenian.

Pictured below: 1 – On the road to my ancestral hometown, Kržeti, where my surname / company name come from. // 2 – In the hills of Kržeti // 3 – Visiting shoemaker Mihoya in his workshop // 4 – I think happy cows actually come from the hills of Slovenia where they roam free // 5 – Sometimes goats just walk up to you because they’re hungry and you probably have something they can eat.. // 6 – This cute lil’ river rat is called a nutria. Not native to Slovenia, a population of nutria has developed in the river because they were originally farmed for their fur in neighboring countries and some of them escaped and started lives in Slo.

Hope you enjoyed!

xx Leila

*** Still 4 days to go and $13,000 to raise! Thank YOU for reading, for sharing, for loving and fist pumping with Krže Studio! ***

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