Krže Studio is a Los Angeles based design studio specializing in approaching century modern footwear and accessories. Having risen from Los Angeles, in the year of 2012, from a predilection to music, a ponderous spirit in search of the moment, often appearing in the low tide sands, the first contact with water, in Topanga Canyon motorcycle rides, a novel discovery did certainly present itself. This is it. Upon first glance, one notices the craft, the fine art, the sinews. In longer sessions, thoughts arise. The mission is examined. The declaration is freely spoken, to take a stand in the creation of handsome goods, it is rightly believed that said goods must originate from handsome materials. As such, eliminated is the use of living souls and skins, to make the proper clearing for revolution to catch hearts and plant seeds in the many who are rising Now, to the shore’s uncertain edge, ready to leap fully Now into the crashing water and declare that freedom, beauty, and love be given infinite, plunge under the next wave, in sea spray emerge, see the celebration on the shore. This is it. This is the celebration.


Leila Tamar Kerze was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her favorite thing to wear is boots, particularly of the badass hippie sort. She attained her bachelor’s degree from Loyola Marymount University in English and Creative Writing. She then went on to get her advanced degree in footwear design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM).

While at BCBGMaxAzria, Leila designed footwear for every tier of fashion, from mass-market to runway collections. Most recently she designed footwear for Donald J Pliner where she focused on luxury and contemporary footwear.

Leila spent 2 years living in Florence, Italy, working hands-on in studios and factories both there and in Spain alongside renowned modellistas. Throughout her career, Leila has learned the importance of high craftsmanship; making sure every shoe fits comfortably and is balanced correctly.

Leila gained recognition for her design aesthetics, winning the WSA Scholarship in Spring 2009 for her teen footwear line, and won the Donald J Pliner footwear design contest of 2009 for her peace inspired footwear designs. She was also a finalist for The Brown Shoe’s design contest as well as the Ruby Slipper Contest of 2009.

It was through attending material tradeshows and working with different suppliers where Leila gained a deep understanding of the tremendous advancements that have developed in materials over recent years; most notably, the availability of synthetic leathers superior in quality to their dated animal based counterparts. Through her awareness and enthusiasm of innovative materials, and her experience and relationships built through working with amazing people across the globe, Leila recognizes that right now is the time and place for Krže Studio

Krže Studio (pronounced kâr-zhĕ, the traditional spelling of Leila’s last name) is the realization of footwear designer Leila Tamar Kerze’s conviction: that contemporary, forward fashion is also forward thinking in its materials and production.

Krže Studio specializes in contrasting elements within  design, such as mixing street culture with high society, industrial with ethereal aesthetics, and traditional cultures with the vitality of today’s modernity. The collection debut is targeted for Fall 2013.