Our Krže Protos are Sick!! – Winter 2012 (via kickstarter)

In the winter of 2012 I continued working on developing the best vegan shoes to my ability with a lot of amazing help and people in Italy. Then I fly home for a minute to see family, make awesome vegan food and prepare for the next round of sharing my dream for a gorgeous, cruelty free kind of world. We are 8 months old.

November 2012 – I work with the modelistas and factories in Italy on correcting the shoe prototypes so they can make the real samples to share at tradeshows and with the world (the very ones you see in the video!) The prototypes look amazing for the first run! One of the perks of working with small, family run shoe factories filled with master craftsmen in Italy. Unfortunately the first men’s samples are accidentally made in leather. This is a setback because not only must we correct the look of the designs, we have to also make sure the materials work. This is the first time the factories are using vegan leathers and as we discovered, they cannot work with some of them, so it is equally important to test the materials on the prototypes as it is to correct the look and the fit of the shoe. You also should not simply focus on making the outward appearance of a shoe nice. It’s crucial to correct shoes with an experienced fit model to ensure the shoe fits properly and comfortable. A friend of mine in Florence is a fit model and graciously comes along to help try on and correct the shoes with us. Manuela finds the screwdriver studs we were searching for! We find beautiful vegan soles to use for the shoes. Carolina makes a folder for Krže Studio and it makes everything we’re up to more official, a professional sort of feel. I start contacting tradeshows to share the Krže Studio Fall 2013 collection in January and February. I find out that you are supposed to contact tradeshows much further in advance. I missed the deadline for Bread&Butter in Berlin and am accepted to show at Who’s Next / Premiere Classe in Paris, FFANY in New York, and FN Platform / MAGIC in Las Vegas. I come back to Los Angeles in time to make my favorite Tuscan soup, ribollita, for my family at Thanksgiving. December 2012 – I get a sales license from the California Board of Equalization and can now legally sell stuff, woot! I celebrate the holidays with my family. The WishYouWereVegan x Krže Studio handbags arrive at home. I start preparing for the next two months of my life to be sort of crazy with all the tradeshow travel.

Pictured below: 1 – illustrating the design and development process with style Keely // 2 – more samples, more corrections, my friend tries on the shoes for us and gives her expert advice to correct fit, more corrections, more samples, more excitement // 3 – home with the little loves, Daphne and Huxley, ribollita, Topanga Canyon winter rides..

Hope you enjoyed!

x Leila

*** 28 hours to go. $11,000 to raise. I want to make this happen. Not just for me. For everyone. To spread humane fashion within the industry as a true and real possibility. A lot can happen in 28 hours. Please keep sharing the love. ***

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