And then Krže was 1 – April 2013 (via kickstarter)

Hi fun and gorgeous person reading this,

So, again, from the top of the mountain: THANK YOU! You are helping realize a dream I have been dreaming a long time. You are contributing to the creation of a more compassionate and beautiful world. Thank you for joining me as I continue to follow my dream along its path.

April 2013 – It’s Krže Studio birthday! We are one year old. I fly to Italy on Easter weekend, in time to attend LineaPelle in Bologna to research materials for the Spring 2014 collection. I find beautiful new materials, vegan leathers, fabrics, and corks to work with. I commit to making this Kickstarter project the best I can; sharing my possibility with the world as much as possible. I receive gorgeous support from so many places, known and unknown, expected and completely unexpected and I am driven to the floor, floored, I am floored by how amazing people can be, what amazing things can happen, if we follow the dream.

This is only the beginning. There’s a ton more to do and so much more to come. Today I went to one of the factories to place the first orders for the Fall 2013 collection to go into production! They are extremely supportive and kind. As such, they are putting the Krže Studio collection into production with lower minimum quantities than they normally require to help get the shoes made and out into the world. Without the factory’s generosity I would have only been able to put a small fraction of the collection into production to offer to you. What amazing people roam this earth making shoes!

Today I also sent all backers surveys for their incentive rewards. Please respond promptly so I may make your size first. Designing Spring 2014 as I await your details. Look forward to sharing more as we continue the path.

x Leila

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