Krže Does October 2012 Hard (via kickstarter)

Hiya gorgeous!

In October, the dream, the possibility, vegan fashion, how to do it, how not to do it.. We continue..

October 2012 – Val and I fly from Los Angeles to Florence, Italy. We find amazing vegan materials to work with at the LineaPelle materials tradeshow in Bologna. It’s cool to see how suppliers at LP are working to be more environmentally responsible. I find incredible vegan-antibacterial-breathable-soft-and-gorgeous lining. I order 5 square meters of beautiful vegan leather to make all of my shoe prototypes in, only later to discover that my factories cannot work with the material. Crap. We research other materials to use instead. We meet with an amazing modelista, Manuela, and she creates the patterns that will be used to make the first prototypes of the shoes. I buy screws from a hardware store to use as reference for the studs I want in the collection. We find sweet motorcycle boot bottoms to use for our shoes. Valerie goes home after our 2-week planned stay and I end up staying in Italy for 2 months to continue to work on the collection. I’m afraid of feeling lonely when Val leaves but making the collection as amazing as possible is slightly more important than fear (anyways, here is a good one to remember: FEAR = False Expectations Appearing Real). Instead of fear, I get an awful fever and tonsil infection in the onset of colder weather. Thankfully I recover with antibiotics and my friend/agent Carolina and her father checking in on me. The WishYouWereVegan x Krže Studio project was a great experience and we decide to put a small quantity of the handbags into production before the Fall 2013 footwear collection debut. Would love to put a large quantity into production, but you know, working on a tight budget here. The factory is willing to make the small handbag collection (normally they require larger quantities to go into production) because of our past working relationship and because they are genuinely good, generous people with big hearts and open minds. Fear of loneliness dissipated, I’m left infinitely grateful for the amazing people I get to work with on my dreams.

Pictured here: 1 – vegan material r&d at lineapelle // 2 – working with the modelistas and researching vegan shoe components and accessories // 3 – Val and I working Italy

Hope you enjoyed!

x Leila

*** 50 hours to go and $12,000 to raise. I believe in magic, real effing magic that occurs through incredible individuals in action. Think we can do it? I know we can. Please help push and share share share the love. ***

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