Krže Studio Announces Cyber Monday Campaign (on Tuesday.. oops)

High-end Vegan Design House, Krže Studio, to Make Shoes Available to the Public for the First Time on Cyber Monday 

FLORENCE, ITALY / LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Krže Studio announces the launch of a one-month long campaign to sell their premier footwear collection on Cyber Monday, December 2. The campaign is Krže Studio’s second act in the crowd funding arena, after holding a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this spring. Founder and creative director of Krže, Leila Kerze, explains why she chooses crowd funding and why this campaign could be incredible.

“Our Cyber Monday campaign has the possibility to be awesome and express huge gratitude to our customers with great incentives, beautiful shoes, and rad prices,” states Kerze. The campaign and Krže’s new business model focus on direct to customer sales. That means customers may buy the shoes at wholesale prices, 50-65% less than what they would pay in traditional stores and boutiques.

The entire Krže collection is made in Italy. With a focus on high quality production and the most advanced animal free materials, including an ultra high-tech vegan lining that is antibacterial, breathable, and absorbent, the shoes would cost $500 to $1000 if they were sold in stores. By cutting out the middle man, Kerze is excited to offer the shoes at prices between $100 and $500. “Prices that are realistic for my friends and family, and not just my fashion colleagues.”

A partial selection of the Krže collection for women and men will be available. Once a style reaches its minimum to go into production, Kerze will release a new style. To thank and encourage everyone to share the campaign, customers will be gifted a free pair of shoes if they refer 5 new customers. Krže Instagram followers can also participate and win products in giveaway contests to encourage promotion. “I’m excited to see how customers will engage in and share the campaign, since after all, it’s for them, it’s their party. I hope they spread it like mad, that I have to make hundreds of free shoes to say ‘Thank You’ to everyone.”

Krže is using new crowd fund platform, Mimoona, for the campaign. “Mimoona is exactly what I have been wishing for; they allow brands to pre-sale styles individually instead of grouped as part of a mass project, like with Kickstarter and Indiegogo, thus making Mimoona perfect for fashion industry start ups. If one wedge is not so popular with customers, it will not affect the funding and success of an amazing motorcycle boot. It is a perfect way to test new products and market demands.”

Kerze founded Krže Studio (pronounced kârzhĕ, the original, Slovenian spelling of her last name) in April 2012, after leaving her latest post, designing shoes for Donald J Pliner. Krže Studio is the manifestation of Kerze’s vision: that contemporary, forward fashion is also forward thinking in its materials and production. Krže Studio specializes in contrasting elements within design and aggressive hippie minimalistic fashion. Kerze hopes her collection will help boost the artisanal Italian footwear industry, which faces many difficulties in the face of less expensive competition by massive factories in other countries. By producing cruelty free and eco conscious high fashion, and selling direct to customer to cut costs, the possibility to revitalize business for the best shoemakers in the world becomes tangible.

Krže Studio is based in Kerze’s hometown, Los Angeles. Kerze moved full time to Italy this October and is heading the campaign from a small town near the shoe factories she works with in Tuscany. For more information and updates, visit


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