Krže Studio Celebrating 1 Year of Gorgeous Possibilities (via kickstarter)

Hello Kickstarters!

April is Krže Studio’s birthday month! The company is therefore a Taurus, just like me, and can expect a lot of interesting things to happen with the coming eclipses..

I was going to post a brief monthly timeline from last year til now and my little timeline turned into a multipage piece (so much to share with you!) that was too intimidating to read in one full post. I’m going to break the timeline into small chunks instead. More palatable  fun this way! (How do you eat the elephant? You break it up into small pieces!)

March 2012 – (inception) I leave Donald J Pliner so I can focus my energy and time on honestly being my dream and creating Krže Studio. I am high on possibility and have no idea how to start a business. I just know that right now is the only time to do it.

April 2012 – I put together a business proposal and pitch it to eMinutes, a corporate law firm that had an amazing project to start businesses for 500 entrepreneurs. I am selected as one of their first 500, they do all the form filling and filing for me for free (Thank the gods! Forms terrify me.) And so, Krže Studio is officially born as a real life corporation!

Pictured here are some of the sketches I start doodling in April 2012.. playing around with design details I was inspired by from my motorcycle gloves. And then the first business cards I made in April, once I settled on the logo design.

Hope you enjoyed!

xx Leila

*** We have 5 days to go in the campaign and $15,000 to raise! Please keep sharing and making this an incredible success we can all celebrate!***

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