Lineapelle: Researching Humane and Eco Fashion for Spring 2014 (via kickstarter)

Dear gorgeous kickstarter backers,

In the midst of madness, the excitement of launching this very kickstarter project, the fear of the tome that is my to-do list, I packed my bags and left Los Angeles to arrive in Italy in time for Lineapelle, which took place this week.

Lineapelle is the top international exhibition of materials, accessories, and components for footwear, handbags, garments and furniture. It takes place twice a year in Bologna, Italy. In addition to being able to find the newest leathers, one has the possibility to find the best vegan materials in the world, including vegan and synthetic leathers, faux fur, microfiber materials, fabrics, and so on.

Exhibitors showed their newest collections of materials for designers and manufacturers to use for Spring 2014. I love coming to the show every season because I always discover new trends and products. What continues to be a big trend in the industry is being “green” and it’s interesting to see how different companies are incorporating this into the way they make their products. I personally do not believe that leather can ever be an environmentally friendly or sustainable product as it comes from the cattle industry. However, many tanneries are marketing their leathers as sustainable because they are using less harsh chemicals to process the leather and are even working on making them biodegradable and I applaud their environmental efforts even if I will never use their products myself.

More exciting is the vegan world, which continues to grow in size and innovation every season. I was thrilled to find that the supplier I used for the antibacterial and breathable lining of my shoes for the Fall 2013 collection, made a new lining for Spring 2014. The lining is even more environmentally friendly, does not release toxins into the air when being produced, and is made of 50% completely renewable materials, like corn and grains. Oh yes, and it’s ridiculously beautiful in quality. So are the new eco-friendly microfiber suedes I ordered and am now impatiently awaiting their arrival in the mail so I can start using them. And so are the new hologram snakes and metallic vegan leathers, the lightly washed corks, lizard satins, and dip dyed canvases. . .

It’s only through your help that the Krže Studio Fall 2013 collection can move from its current sample stage into actual production. Please continue to share this kickstarter campaign with all of the fantastic people in your life! If we make Fall 2013 happen, together, we are creating the possibility for a very colorful, eco-conscious and humane Spring 2014!

xx Leila

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