My Interview on WishYouWereVegan! (via kickstarter)

Hello Kickstarters!

Here is a link to an interview I did on WishYouWereVegan that shares more about how I personally continue to develop Krže Studio since I started the company one year ago, in April 2012:

Please enjoy and share! We have 11 days to go in the campaign and want to create a grand, gorgeous impact in spreading the possibility of humane fashion each day.

Thank you!

xx Leila

ps – the picture here is from October 2012 when I was in Italy developing prototypes for this very collection. I took my best friend / biz partner Val trend shopping in Milan. We went to the top of the super cool Hotel Boscolo Excedra to meet my past colleague for drinks and we felt so fancy with the incredible view so there’s a good few pics of us from there. The bottom left shot of the sketches is from when we had them laid out at my modelista’s* studio near Florence to work on transforming them from paper to actual shoes. Bottom right is me working and adding the technical measurements to my shoe designs in the tiny loft apartment Val and I shared, down the street from the Duomo in Florence. It was a great apartment when we remembered to keep the windows closed so we didn’t die from mosquito bites!

*Wondering what a modelista is? A modelista is a master of the technical art of shoemaking. My modelista, Manuela (you can see a picture of her in our video!) makes the paper patterns and initial prototypes for shoes. Sometimes we have to adjust my sketches because vegan leathers do not always work in the same way as animal skins. These issues can only be discovered through trial and error and making the actual prototypes. Manuela helps me brainstorm beautiful ways to correct and make the shoes even better than before.

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