Net-A-Porter to go Fur Free

Recently I was perusing‘s coat section, for, yes, coats! Actually, it was for coat inspiration, as I spent my funds on creating my dream of cruelty free footwear, and can’t afford anything too shmancy for the moment.

I became extremely frustrated while browsing. I felt like the entire coat section of the site was covered and trimmed in fur.

netfur1I thought I had heard from a friend of good rapport that Net-A-Porter’s founder, Natalie Massenet, is a conscientious human being and does not like the idea of animal cruelty, and so only allows rabbit fur on Net-A-Porter, because for some reason, that is more humane. At any rate,  my frustrations grew with each coyote trimmed, raccoon covered, and rabbit fur laden coat I saw for sale.


The frustration grew to the point that I did something that I don’t normally do. I wrote a letter of complaint and sent it to every appropriate email address I could find on the site. Here’s my letter:

leila to netaporter


More surprising and interesting than my letter of complaint is the articulate response I received from Net-A-Porter Customer Care:


netaporter to leila

The NET-A-PORTER GROUP is going fur free! That’s exciting. When huge influencers like them finally make the switch, it doesn’t just cause a snowball effect, I think it can create an avalanche effect. More design houses will start using faux fur so they can still be featured on Net-A-Porter. And for this I’m so grateful. I couldn’t find any other articles that mentioned Net-A-Porter’s intentions to go fur free (via an admittedly very brief Google search, would love if anyone else has other news they could offer!) I thought this was worth sharing and celebrating a little too, though not too much, for who can when the “near future” truly is. Could be this evening, tomorrow, or in the next 5 years. Here’s to hoping it is a lot closer to tomorrow.

At any rate, the times, they are a-changing. And I believe for the better.



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