September 2012 in Krže Studio (via kickstarter)

Hiii gorgeous,

In September 2012, Krže Studio starts getting more exciting. After the Slovenia trip, we know how to say the company name correctly: kârzhĕ. Check your dictionary to get that one down! That’s what I did to write it out. Sort of like saying “car-zzzzzzzzsha” in one second or less. Not like “crazy” though we are a little crazy anyways so if it please you, go ahead. Tell people how much you love that “Crazy Studio!”

September 2012Los Angeles Val and I book our travel to go to Italy in October to research materials for the collection and work on the first prototypes of the shoes. I receive my first handbag samples that I designed for my side project, WishYouWereVegan. The Krže logo is included and it feels AMAZING to see the logo on product for the first time. Unfortunately the factory made the logo labels and the handbag tassels in leather because they ran out of my materials (oops!) To maintain integrity, I ask the factory to urgently remake the labels and tassels in vegan leather and send to me. I have a local LA tailor sew the labels in (my home sewing machine isn’t strong enough to handle leather densities) and I replace the tassels myself. One of my WishYouWereVegan x Krže Studio handbags is featured in the silent auction for the Humane Society’s first ever fashion show, H-Couture. I design a pair of simple glittery platforms to wear to the show. I hold my first ever online auction for the WYWV x KRŽE project. Then I commence to spend creepy, crazy hours locked up in my room, designing the first ever Krže Studio Collection for Fall 2013.

Pictured below: 1 – Our first label (in leather) and the emergency delivery of vegan ones to replace it // 2 – my focused madness in the design room / battlefield and some of the resulting sketches // 3 – the WishYouWereVegan x Krže Studio experiment bags and inspiration boards // 4 – mom helping make the seals for the WYWV invites that everyone at the H-Couture show receives. my glittery first Krže shoes. mom wore a sweet pair of blue sandals I designed for my past job to the show. best mom ever. even tried to contact Bill Clinton to get him in on our kickstarter. again, best mom ever.

Hope you enjoyed!

x Leila

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