Sharing is Sexy

You’ve heard it before, “We’re all in this together.”

I’m a firm believer. I accept it as fact. You. Me. Alive. Right now. If life were a soup, you and I would be little noodles (or other soup applicable object, sure, be the carrot, it’s all good) bobbing along in the same broth. Together.

That’s why I believe the possibility of my ongoing crowdfund campaign is awesome. It can only be a success if everyone pitches in. Together. And if it is a success, it’s a success not just for Krže, but for everyone who contributes.

I need LOADS of help sharing the campaign. As much as I can get. I am not a savvy marketer, and I am not paying a savvy marketer to help me. I’m just a woman with a dream. And I’m doing the best I can to dream a reality for everyone in a delicious way:

> Sell the shoes directly to you , the customer, so you can receive for $100-$300 instead of $500-$1000 in a store.

> Reducing total costs of shoes for you by requesting your help in sharing the campaign, instead of paying a marketing firm.

> Everything is made in Italy. Currently artisanal shoe factories are struggling to stay open, because they are losing out to less expensive competition from mass production factories in other countries. You’d be helping them heaps.

> If you get amped and get sharing, you can customize the links to the campaign for the shoes you love to share with friends/family/followers and for every 5 people that use your link to access the sale and make a purchase, you receive a FREE pair of shoes! So even if you don’t have enough in the bank to grab a pair on your own guilt-free, it’s completely within your realm of possibility to earn a pair of rad vegan kicks without spending a penny.

Here’s why I think sharing is sexy and that you should go be a sex-pot and share this campaign:

> If you buy one pair of shoes and refer 5 people, you get a second pair free. That’s two for the price of one and getting something at a great price always makes it sexier. You could technically be able to get 2 pairs of shoes for as low as $150, so $75 each. $75 each for shoes made in Italy, using the same material suppliers as Stella McCartney (starting price points for hers are around $500 at least.) Not shabby, right?

> I encourage you to buy at least one pair. And yes, if you buy 5 pairs, that’s like sharing with yourself and cool too. If you want to go that self-lovin’ route, the 6th pair is free and you can have a whole new wardrobe of Italian made, cruelty free, designer footwear to go dancin’ by yourselfsexxxy!

> You’re helping others (me, artisan shoemakers, animals), a cause (cruelty free and eco conscious living, do no harm to others), and future generations (your babies and their playmates), and helping others is SEXY.

> The lining of our shoes is antibacterial, absorbent and breathable, so you’re feet will smell good and stay dry. Non-sweaty, good smelling feet = sexy.

> These are nice looking shoes. Nice looking shoes = sexy, thus sharing = sexy!!!

Share this and be sexy:

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