The Transformation is in the Details (via kickstarter)

Hello inspiring backers!

I thought it would be cool to share the story of a couple of the main details in the collection with you. On every style within the collection, you can find either our signature Triple Hand Stitch or Screwdriver Stud.

Hand stitches are one of my favorite details. They show the artisan and handmade quality of a product because it requires intention and a little extra care to add a hand stitch to something. I designed my shoes with a Triple Hand Stitch, not only for the artisanal beauty, but also to represent the trio of principles that I believe in and want to share through Krže Studio’s collection: Peace, Love, and Transformation. These are the principles I think are prevalent in life always anyways. Sometimes I get caught up in things and when stress or fear hits, I forget that peace, love, and transformation are always available and present even when I am not paying attention to them. However, they are possible for everyone at all times and I want to offer this as a representation. Any one person has the possibility to transform the world into a better place by living and being the principles and dreams they believe in. I hope to serve as a resource and example for others to adopt similar practices so that creating humane (peaceful) and intelligent (loving) designs can become a transformation that the entire fashion industry can embrace!

Our Screwdriver Stud symbolizes much of the Los Angeles aesthetic that permeates throughout the entire collection. I started riding motorcycles last year and was enamored by the details and fashion within the L.A. moto culture, both vintage and new. I love how the aggressive looking chains, zippers, and lacings have that unique badass moto feel and also function to serve a utilitarian purpose. This love is pretty evident if you take a look at the details within each shoe. The collection is also very much a study of how man can utilize technology to evolve. No longer do we live in caves, walk around in animal skins, beating things over the head with clubs, and riding in cars with stone wheels using our bare feet to propel us (perhaps Hanna-Barbera overly flavored my imagination of the past.) Now we use machines, motorcycles, technology, and have the possibility to innovate beyond the stone age and beyond depending on dead animal skins for crude coverings. The Screwdriver Stud is a small reminder of this, our power to innovate, our possibility to evolve.

Hope you enjoyed! Thank You so much for supporting my dream to innovate, evolve, and share a little peace, love, and transformation.

xx Leila

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